Tracking the tropical storm Erika

The Tropical Storm Erika has now moved into the eastern Caribbean Sea, spreading locally heavy rain in the northern Leeward Islands, and will soon shift over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and a band of torrential rain has triggered deadly flash flooding on the island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles. Many Roads have been washed out an airport flooded, and at least one home has collapsed.

Today, Erika has struggled to maintain a consistent center of circulation. Afternoon visible satellite images appear to have located an exposed center with convection blown off to the east and south. If it persists, it raises the chance that Erika’s center would track over the mountains of Puerto Rico (some peaks over 4,000 feet) and the Dominican Republic (Pico Duarte is over 10,000 feet), disrupting or ripping apart its circulation, though posing a greater flood threat in those areas.